Indian restaurant in Lyon, Le Rose Indien

In a warm, modern setting, refined cuisine combines Indian tradition with French trends.

In addition to a wide variety of home-cooked Indian dishes, we have taken care to develop desserts that combine Indian traditions and French know-how, as was done in Mysore by French chefs in the service of Tipou Sultan (r. 1783-1799).

Tableau Inde
Rose Indien intérieur

Since 2013 in Lyon

Our story

Rose indien is the fruit of a fraternal association. Rolland and his sister, who are passionate about the history of their country, have opened their restaurant to pass on their passion through their dishes.

Typically refined cuisine combining balance and precision.

A place where the journey is for the heart and the taste buds.

A setting steeped in history

A warm, modern setting

Works of art and furnishings steeped in history.

August Schoefft’s large painting depicts The Court of Lahore as it was under Maharaja Ranjit Singh around 1835. In particular, it shows the French officers of the Empire, generals and colonels, who served in the Punjab kingdom at that time.

The picture of Fezli Azan Joo, wife of General Court, with their two eldest children, was painted by August Schoefft in 1841 in Lahore. It illustrates the warm interior of the residence of a Franco-Pendjabi family in Lahore at that time.

The large floral fresco on canvas was done very recently in Lahore by craftsmen working in the tradition of Mughal frescoes, such as can still be seen on many buildings in Punjab and northern India.

The maps of four of the provinces of the Mughal Empire were commissioned from Indian artists in Faizabad by Colonel Jean-Baptiste Gentil, a French officer in the service of the Nawabs of Awadh from 1765 to 1775. They are adorned with miniature drawings illustrating the most varied aspects of daily life in these regions.

Rose indien décoration