Our story

In Lyon’s Vaise district, an Indian restaurant catches the eye of passers-by with its elegant decor and warm atmosphere. The menu features authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. But what makes Rose Indien so special is its love and hospitality.

The story of Rose Indien begins in 2018. Joseph, an Indian originally from Punjab, decided to open a restaurant in Lyon to share his culture and cuisine with the city’s residents. He chose the cosmopolitan and welcoming Vaise district to set up his restaurant.

Joseph is passionate about his cooking. He prepares all the dishes himself, using ingredients that he imports directly from India. He is also an excellent host. He loves to share his culture with his customers and tell them the stories behind the dishes he serves.

When you walk through the door of the Rose Indien restaurant, you are greeted by a warm smile. Joseph guides you to your table and offers you a glass of water or tea. He then explains the menu and gives you tips on choosing the dishes you like.

Indian cuisine is rich and varied. It uses a wide variety of spices and condiments to create complex and unique flavours.At the Rose Indien restaurant, you can enjoy traditional dishes such as chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo or butter chicken, as well as more original dishes such as chicken biryani or cheese dosa.The dishes are served in generous portions and accompanied by rice, naan or chapatis.Desserts are also delicious, with specialities such as gulab jamun, kulfi and jalebi.

But what really sets Rose Indien apart is Joseph’s love and hospitality. He clearly loves his job and wants his customers to have a good time.He is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to introduce you to Indian cuisine and culture.

Rose Indien Outside